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Do you think our readers & followers should get to know your products or services? There is nothing we’d love more than to feature your amazing items or services in prime locations on our site and networks. We know most small business have a marketing budget so we have made it our mission to make it easier by offering several digital and on the ground options.

We love being the go to agency known for helping businesses connect their “IT” products with interested consumers. Let Do It Dude help you with one of several solutions. In addition to traditional ad space in 4 sizes, we offer sponsored posts, brand ambassadorships and long-term brand awareness campaigns with on the ground marketing in both New York City and New Orleans and can be customized to suit your company.

We would be happy to discuss how we can be your mobile army online and feet on the ground in these two markets. Let’s make it happen together! Some of our digital ad spaces are ready for immediate activation. Email us through our website or call us at (917) 740-9121 to discuss these options further.


Advertise on Do It Dude. We can connect you with a range of consumers, be your brand ambassadors digitally or on the ground in New York City or New Orleans.



Runs for 3 months, 12 shown at a time
This is a small square ad, visible on the home page and interior pages of the site in the side bar.

Runs for 3 months, 12 shown at a time
This is a large ad, visible on the home page and interior pages, and can be featured prominently within article categories with a 6-month commitment.

Runs for 6 months, 4 shown at a time
This is a large, long banner on top of our “Footer” and just below the comments section on each article page. Ads will rotate in order with each reload.

1600x1600PX WALL PAPER
Runs for 1 Month
A large, long banner on our home page for the highest visibility. With the purchase of this advertisement, we offer an additional 300x250PX ad in our side bar within the website.

FILE FORMATS: We would prefer .PNG, .GIF or .JPG formats, but will accept the .PSD, .AI or .EPS file. We offer editing assistance for a fee.


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