Tech: Ex-Disney Animation Director Creates Mobile Interactive Beauty



Every so often, people in the tech industry really amaze us with their use of technology to bring the simple joy of smiling to the world. Ok. Well…he probably got paid for it as well. It was a 2015 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts. How cool is that?!

On the Android platform, there is an installed app named Spotlight Stories on our Moto Xs. Every couple of months, Spotlight Stories delivers an animated interactive story you must follow with the phone to continue watching it. We love this technology! This is where parents can use technology to help their kids imagine and focus on what is in front of them. Admittedly, us adults too had great fun following the story around in the office and once at the airport.

Did we mention that we love animation and a good love story? Enjoy Animation Director Glen Keane’s The Duet as he pulls you into a destination vacation delivered in a mobile interactive package. It is no wonder it was nominated last year in the category of animated shorts. View the interactive on You Tube:

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