Tech: Ikea Gives Apple Shade

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I love social media, design and finding ways to use technology to improve lifestyle. My business is Do It Dude, Inc. I am highly interested in #finance & US #foreignpolicy. LIKE: #politics #football #fashion #tech #travel #NYC #NOLA #doitdude Work In my career, I have been an overachiever winning awards, working long hours and enjoying the rewards. I love design - web, architecture, graphics, fonts, fashion and products. I am an active & social person who seeks adventure and challenges. People who think keep my interest. If it is too slow, I turn inwards to move things in my life forward. I value family, marriage, hard work and fairness. I am a political & tech junkie. I approach life with ethics - keeping people at the top of my list and constantly think of way to increase efficiency in my contributions to the world. Bragging rights I was elected as one of nine members by senior management to act as a liaison on Administrative Issues while working on reporting on issues of Congressional concern. I have been interviewed in NYC and international press and my photo is in the Library of Congress on the cover of a company book I assisted in writing. I became a VP by 30. Traveled the US extensively and the world.

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