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Do It Dude is promoting International Mens Day and MovemberIn the month of November (Movember), men celebrate their manhood by growing a mustache or beard to bring awareness to men’s health issues like the need for prostate exams, depression and suicide prevention. Do It Dude is passionate about Healthy Living Through Food, health, wellness and living. Started by a group of men in the 1990’s who wanted to raise awareness about men’s health and masculinity, the trend finally reached the USA in 2006.

International Mens Day

November 19, #InternationalMensDay. It isn’t some sexist celebration of being superior or higher class, but an effort to draw awareness to men’s health issues including prostate health, mental issues, wellness, stress management and suicide prevention. As we continue to see US news stories and articles related to male suicide, often resolution and prevention are often less discussed. Take a look at this 2016 Masculinity Audit posted on the Huffington Post UK.



Suicide Among Men

While most men joke that women drive us to an earlier grave, young men ages 20-45 are among the highest suicide rates in the UK. I would imagine that rate is similar in the USA. It isn’t random that males are school and workplace shooters taking center stage on 24-hour news networks. During the financial crisis, out of fear of copy cats, the news networks did not air when Washington, DC was marred by people jumping in front of the subway tracks or when people jumped from the Empire State Building during rush hour in NYC. US service members are the highest risk group among suicides.

While suicide is a private matter, clarity comes from talking through many of our problems. Never one for promoting psychiatric treatment, we find that friends, wives and our buddies can be the best spring board for discussing ideas. If discussed with a doctor or medical professional, they are obligated by law to take action to prevent self harm. If you find you can not discuss your problems with someone close out of fear of repercussions, try one of the several suicide hotlines below.


USA: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255

USA Military: DoD Dedicated Peer Support Call Center – 844-357-PEER (7337) 

United Kingdom: Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – 0800 58 58 58

Prostate Cancer

Why is prostate cancer a touchy subject? Prostate cancer is highest in more developed nations like France, Norway, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States as stated by the World Cancer Research Fund International. Higher diets in fish and other marine animals from our polluted oceans seem to be a leading factor in aggressive prostate cancer, according to a study by scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Healthy Living Through Food is one of our initiatives to promote good health through nutrition.

Do It Dude celebrates International Mens Day in Movember

Do It Dude would also like to add that both alcohol and meat have been heavily linked to prostate cancer. We are not saying don’t live, but live well through a balanced diet.


Healthcare Access

During my last days in India in November 2016, we visited a hospital in Siliguri in West Bengal. In this socialized medicine hospital, there were long queues waiting for a handful of doctors and nurses. Mostly men lined the hallway beds. Why is it men don’t open up more about their health issues? Do we really tie our wellness to our masculinity?

In the developed nations, we have swung so far across the spectrum that men often die of a heart attack like my Uncle Freddie or wait until they have a stroke. The two options then compound the ego by being a financial burden to our families.

With an abundance of resources available, men can be open with their doctors, wives or at very least their buddies. Nutrition, a favorite topic of Do It Dude, is a key place to start. Healthy Living Through Food was started to provide quick healthy alternatives to eating out.

Exercise is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle that wards off depression, increases the libido and helps maintain a healthy mind. Do It Dude wishes you wellness and good health. Happy International Mens Day!


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