Menswear It Wednesday

Menswear It Wednesday: Do It Dude, Inc. is so excited that Gap has returned to the quality from Generation X college days.
US Brand: Gap Returns To Quality Menswear

The Gap Returns To Quality

While Gap, Inc. has made a name for itself in the area of quality, it seems they forgot their quality guidelines for some time. Most companies these days have moved their production outside of the USA. While Gap has certainly been ahead of that curve, their menswear for some time were made like the average womenswear garment – cheaply made. After borrowing my friend’s sweater on a cold night, it is obvious their designers have returned to quality-focused menswear like that in the 1990s.

Wear And Care For A Cotton Sweater

The cotton sweater with spandex for recovery is the better fiber option than wool, nylon, poly-blends or acrylics. As pictured above, Gap stays true to its branding by offering these sweaters in a variety of colors. Sweaters pair well with a dress shirt for the fall and winter. They blend well under a blazer and in Spring they look great over the shoulder with a polo.

More importantly cotton sweaters wash well. Be sure to either air dry or dry on low to ensure longevity of your garment. Cotton shrinks…down to Ken doll sizes if you leave it in too long.

Beyond The Sweater Standard

Gap has been pretty consistent in fiber quality of their jeans and it is no different now. From oxford dress shirts to quality-fiber content twill pants, they all match great with their navy blazer to give men a classic preppy look suitable for work or play. Their t-shirts pair up with a simple jean jacket, classic peacoat for winter or just a basic pair of jeans. Stop into the Gap to let us know your thoughts on their menswear and comment below.

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