Flyers – The Original Grassroots Marketing

Flyers are the original grassroot marketing tool. These are still effective in many areas, but could be updated for a more tech-savvy generation. From hashtags to QR codes, Do It Dude believes small business can help bring their marketing full circle.


Marketing Mondays

Since we have many options for your reading pleasure on our website, we have decided that Marketing will be our topic of choice on Mondays. We spotted the flyer above on the NYC subway and thought we would give a couple of suggestions for improving the flyer for a more tech-savvy generation.


Improve Your Flyers

The goal of any sound marketing program should be to sell your products or services through your website. After all, doesn’t your company know more about your product than any other company. You certainly know more about it that Amazon and eBay.

If your marketing program is designed strategically, then measuring your marketing results should be your ultimate goal. I mean who wants to throw away money without a measurement of results. Digital marketing technologies can be incorporated into your print marketing campaigns to help measure the reach and progress of each campaign.

Digital Technologies



Subdomains can be used to separate parts of your site to focus your marketing efforts and measure where your business is making a majority of its money. Subdomains should not necessarily be used instead of pages. Do It Dude recommends subdomains for companies that have different products with teams managing those products.

In the case of this photography flyer – weddings, birthdays, events and parties could look like this in your website marketing. | | |

Download Do It Dude's contact information for President Gregory Garvin. QR Codes are great for tying your print marketing to your online marketing. Call us for more of these social media and marketing tips.
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QR Codes

Not on your website. That is kind of purposeless unless you are looking to incorporate a hidden “easter egg” marketing strategy. These are great for print marketing as someone who picks up your flyer or passes your add can scan it and keep it in their browser on their phone for a later time. Bar codes can be scanned which immediately search Google for information. Adding one to a flyer, can bring someone to your YouTube video channel or a landing page.


Coupons & Codes

These are the grassroot level versions of QR Codes and most often used on websites. However, using these codes & coupons when a customer calls or comes in can help you track your advertising and marketing efforts.


Social Media

Don’t limit your social media actions to the closed Facebook network. The more open the better for your search engine optimization efforts. We are huge fans of Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr also.

As we have stated, the most important marketing strategy should include having tools to measure what is and is not working. All of these marketing initiatives have pros and cons. We work with clients across the nation from cities to rural areas. If you need assistance with your marketing program, contact us at (917) 740-9121 so we can help you reach more clients through our customized marketing plans.

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