We Love Google’s Driverless Car

It is no surprise that more people are moving back to cities for amenities and choosing apartments over buying homes. The recent recession changed the concept of the American dream for many in the GenX and Millenial generation. It seems smarter at this time to purchase a home for rental property than it is to purchase for your own dwelling or buy small. We at Do It Dude feel the same is happening in the car ownership sector of the economy.

With Zip Car, Uber and Lyft, staking their claim on transportation, we feel more can be done. While car ownership outside of larger cities may still be a thing, it would certainly behoove politicians in cities to encourage costs to enter cities to reduce smog and increase city dwellers living standards. Entering the car market in three states as of 2014 is the Google Driverless vehicle. While this doesn’t reduce carbon or smog, it certainly allows for more autonomy and potential to increase quality of life and work-efficiency.

More than 9 million people were involved in car accidents in 2012 with more than 45,000 involved in fatal incidences. That is more than guns. We believe the key to wider acceptance of the driverless car concept is through insurance industries. Check out the video above and share your thoughts below.



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