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Brows By Bryan in New Orleans

Picture of Bryan Metoyer of Brows by Bryan in New OrleansOn a recent trip to the New Orleans, Do It Dude sat down with NOLA’s Gian Bernini of Brows – Mr. Bryan Metoyer. Tucked away in the Irish Channel along Magazine Street, Bryan works at the New Orleans hipster salon Stardust. In a renovated two-story building with parlor ceilings and a squared banister that has more stories than a drunken local, we sat down to discuss Bryan’s passion for the eyebrow.

So what about tweezing? “I have concerns with other methods, particularly waxing, because there is always the risk of burning or an allergic reaction to the wax,” Bryan says. “Tweezing allows me to shape brows with precision and provide an instant youthfulness to the face. No injections or surgery required!” He adds, “Another big concern with waxing is that over time the constant ripping of a wax strip across the skin can cause loss of elasticity. Personally, the last thing I’d want on my face is sagging brows.”


What led you to eyebrows?

In college, I decided to experiment on my own eyebrow. My friends started complimenting me on mine, then asked me to do their brows. After a while friends began to recognize my work and the referrals began. Eventually, I got a job at a salon where the owner would allow my to work on clients beginning in 2001.

What is your biggest hair-raising eyebrow issue?

When people over tweeze their brows, so they are pencil thin like tadpoles. I think it isn’t a good look.

How long have you been at Stardust Salon in New Orleans?

I have been with Stardust Salon for 10-years. I have made a home here with an amazing clientele.

When working with new customers, how do you determine what is the right brow for them?

I start with the customer’s thoughts, then provide my assessment based on the shape of their face. Shape is very important. Then we come to an agreement.

If a client came to your for a ball or event, would treat that customers eyes any different than say a customer going to a wedding?

No. Unless the customer asked specifically for a feature like old Hollywood shape or a specific actress. You know eyebrows use to be a lot thinner then. Otherwise, a lady wants to look like a lady unless it is Hatchetface from Crybaby.

With hair loss persistent in both sexes, do you find customers are losing brows?

Absolutely! This is something we are experiencing as a generation. Here are some home remedies you can try to care for your eyebrow hair.

For each of the following home remedies, apply, and massage into your eyebrows for up to 3 minutes to get the blood flowing. Repeat once a day until you see improvement.
  • Castor oil (the most effective method): contains proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Coconut oil: contains proteins, vitamin E and iron
  • Olive oil: extremely rich in vitamin E
  • Aloe Vera: contains enzymes and moisturizing properties
  • Milk: contains proteins and nutrients (be sure to rinse face with warm water after it dries)

A healthy diet also plays an important role, so increasing consumption of certain essential vitamins and nutrients–including protein; vitamins  A, C and E; iron; and omega-3 fatty acids–will benefit you even more.

Last but not least, “Please,” says Bryan, “for the best results put down the tweezers, and leave it up to me to make the best of your brows!”

Is it best to care for the eyebrows first or apply makeup?

Mascara wands make magic. After you apply your make up, make it look more natural with a couple flicks of your mascara wand through the eyebrow.

Any advice to Cholas?

Happy Brows by Bryan customers after visiting him at Stardust Salon in New Orleans' Irish Channel
Happy Brows by Bryan customers after visiting him at Stardust Salon in New Orleans’s Irish Channel

Put down the pencil and see a professional. Please.

What do you think about dying brows?

I am for it.

Are Bros, you know guys, getting brows done?

My male clients have increased significantly with the increase in a plastic surgery. I like a man’s strong face so I generally just groom them to open their eye more.

Are people of color included in the brow movement?

Absolutely! If you have brows and eyes, you need to care for them. The hair and face will dictate how I treat them, but certainly don’t go unibrow on society.

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What are some essential tools to take care of brows?

Tweezers over razor for removal, a mascara wand with some hairspray, an angled brush for filling and eye shadow as opposed to eye pencil, because most people don’t know how to fill in correctly. Your best option is to stop in to see me or your local eyebrow specialist. There is nothing worse than ending up with two tadpoles over your eyes.
Brows By Bryan was recently mentioned in VIP Magazine’s “2015 Best Of” edition. He has also been featured in the New Orleans People Project.  If you are in New Orleans, visit Bryan at Stardust Salon & Spa located at 1904 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130. Mention Do It Dude when you call for your appointment (504) 525-7777.

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