Living: Why I Am Thankful This Thanksgiving

As President of Do It Dude, Inc. and Head Designer of Joy(ce), I wanted to take a moment of reflection about my experience this year. Do It Dude has been operating as a concept turned business for more than 10-years. The hope of this business was to help others with their passion, take initiative and spread hope and knowledge. Our relationships with people and ability to allow ourselves experience is what nurtures the soul and feeds us. From design projects to coordinating weddings to business venture, love and feeding poor children, here are a couple of things that happened over my year that I am grateful for this season.


After finally adjusting to time change, I wanted to reflect on this year with thanks. Thank you Jewel, Cherie & Sharon for coming to NYC. It was a wonderful surprise.

Last year at this time, I was welcomed into the home of some amazing new friends Tonya & Ravi and met a host of wonderful people at Friendsgiving. We had a fun-filled weekend.

Relationship Building

Over the year, I have had the opportunity to nurture some of these new relationships, welcome my cousin Lorenzo into my home and bid a fond farewell to my friends Andrew, Mark, Veronica, Antonio, & Diego and my cousin Patrick who left NY to seek new opportunities in their life.

I was blessed to attend the weddings of our friends, Liana & Mikey, Colleen& David then Tammy & John. Crafts and shenanigans took place at these weddings, which are unforgettable. We got Suki back then had a press party.

Fashion Design

I designed the most expensive dress to date for a model. I was given a design space and fabrics from around the globe then worked tireless on developing patterns. I am excited to see what I can do and if my years of working in the design industry can culminate once again into a successful endeavor.


Eat, Pray, Love

At the end of this year, I took an Eat, Pray, Love kind of spiritual journey to India. I thought when I arrived that I would die. Cultural shock is still playing out in my head. On my journey, I met some amazing people, received true moments that were blessings and took some different perspectives back to the west with me. I said a heartfelt goodbye to my grandmother that hopefully has some rewards for her soul.

Finally, I met a 12-year old girl who was forced to stop school to get married as a financial exchange. Her parents both worked as well as she did since 6-years old. She said that she wanted to be a designer and wished that she didn’t spend her youth playing because now she will never know what her future could have been. Saddened by her story, I had someone translate my personal struggles and our family story stressing my sister Regina‘s education after an early pregnancy and how education helps us rise to higher places in this life. I wish she and the other children we met continue to have hope and reach for their highest potential.


Made In America

I am proud to be an American – no matter the president. We don’t always get what we want, get our way or feel rewarded, but it doesn’t mean we can’t evolve into something or someone better or continue fighting for what we believe is just. I am privileged as an American, as a NYer and a person.

I was graced with an interesting and caring partner who I have a blast with each day. I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences this year. I hope 2017 is just another wonderful part of my journey through this life.

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