We are a full-service marketing agency focused on cost-effective marketing programs that help businesses increase sales and brand awareness.

Do It Dude’s marketing methodology centers around identifying and targeting sales opportunities through multi-channel marketing. SEO, social media, web development and customer outreach will provide a basis for a strategic, cost-effective marketing plan. While fashion, food service and non-profits are part of our portfolio, we are not limited by industry. Further, we have many years of experience in product development including sourcing, manufacturing and wholesale.

Don’t let Yelp, Twitter and other social media sites drive your marketing direction. As a small business, we understand your tight budget and limitations on time. Contact Do It Dude so that we can help implement a strategic sale plan through measurable marketing efforts.

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Gregory Garvin is an owner and creator of many things. His marketing agency, Do It Dude, started as a fashion blog turned membership only newletter for the fashion industry and those who love it. His many years in designing garments, bags, and custom patterns while owning fashion sewing atelier Sew Fast Sew Easy. He assist in furthering several of their brands including the infamous Stitch & Bitch Cafe/Stitch n' Bitch. He also maintains a position as Marketing Manager at The Best Kept Secret in Retail, TigerTrade, which is a global powerhouse that operates in over 100 countries.

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