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India: Sponsoring SandiPani Muni School in Vrindavan #KrsnaKids2016

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On holiday in India for 6-weeks with my chef friend from Madhi Food, we decided to sponsor, cook and serve 1,100 school kids their lunch. Not realizing the day, we walked over to the SandiPuni Muni girls school in Vrindavan to inquire if sponsoring the next day would be possible. It just so happens, it was a Sunday. All of the staff at SandiPuni Muni happened to be out except for the security guard and the baker. They made a phone call to the administration down the block, which to our good fortune, worked out.

SandiPuni Muni girls school is a womens empowerment initiative where parents commit their daughters to getting an education until they are 18-years of age. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal in the west, girls can be married at childhood age. We showed up at 10a.m. with the kitchen staff under way. We started our day in the kitchen getting introduced to staff, finding out the menu and working with the staff to cook and shoot the meal as it progressed.

After the meal was done, we made posters to thank our friends back home who donated to our #KrsnaKids2016, feed the children project, served and finally enjoyed a wonderful meal with these adorably, respectful school girls. Here are some photos of our visit to the SandiPuni Muni girls school along with an attachment to download the brochure about SandiPuni Muni in Vrindavan and its sponsorship initiatives.

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