Tech: Pinterest Wants Dudes

Social Media: Hey Dudes! Pinterest Wants You

As avid readers of The Wall Street Journal, we noticed in the January 23, 2015 article “Pinterest‘s Problem: Getting Men to Pin” that Pinterest wants more men. As fashion industry insiders and men who love design, we find Pinterest to be very appealing to communicate ideas like gift ideas, color schemes/plans, taste level and other ideas that some people can be too linear to comprehend without a picture. As men who pin, here is our suggestion on drawing more men to Pinterest.

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Do It Dude noticed a while back that Pinterest only allows simple keyword sets, which in search engines makes it more difficult to compete with the millions of websites in the world. Facebook has overcome this issue by using public profiles that allow for complex keyword sets.


As Pinterest has grown, it has become more commercial. Understandably, it would behoove Pinterest to establish quality assurance teams. In going through some of the pins, we noticed it goes to knock off sites that ship from China and link bait websites that require another click so people can make money from pay-per-impression schemes.



We took notice a whole set of college coeds and Hooter girls on Pinterest while on Google+ they have a page. Has Pinterest considered a Hooter girls of the month partnership? I mean I love Hooters wings.


Think cars and motorcycle parts to upgrade one’s ride to add to the wonderful array of technology and menswear pins. From rims to custom mufflers for motorcycles, men are always interested in perfecting their ride. Partnerships with custom bike shops like our friends Garwood Cycles in North Carolina or our Google+ friend Ryan Konko from, which would highlight guest pinners as a pilot program.


Wood…like woodworking unless you are thinking the Undies Sundays Twitter route. We recently wanted to build a bookcase for a small corner in our New York City office, but finding the plans on Pinterest was so time-consuming we just googled it. This leads back to our complex keywords suggestion.


We think even the Wall Street Journal failed to pick up on the obvious and most important aspect. Facebook may be a darling on Wall Street, but it is so yesterday with dwindling numbers as they focus on information harvesting, growing outside of the USA and have a data intensive mobile site. It is one of the many reasons they purchased Instagram. Google+ is one of our favorite hangouts with a high male membership and is now the backbone of Google services like YouTube and Gmail. Millennials and a wide variety of men can be found there.

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If you want a larger millennial crowd that is picture focused, maybe Pinterest should contact the very talented Marissa Mayers for a partnership with Yahoo and Tumblr. Sometimes we pin from Tumblr and want to Tumblr a pin. Unfortunately, everyone is trying to go it alone when partnerships may be the key to expanding demographics while keeping two very different services cohesive for the user.

Of those displayed in the Wall Street Journal, we only use Twitter and Pinterest. We would be happy to speak with Pinterest representatives on other ideas to get the guys to pin. What do you think of Pinterest and pinning?

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