Tech: Radio Shack Making A Comeback With Little Bits


Do It Dude, Inc.'s Tech Tuesdays find is Little Bits at Radio Shack. Do It Dude President Gregory Garvin suggested Radio Shack bring back STEM educational toys to revive the brand.
Purchase Little Bits at your local Radio Shack.

Radio Shack Reinvents Itself

Radio Shack shocked Wall Street with announcing reorganization and store closings. Paired with an 80’s-inspired commercial and reinvesting in new technology to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Do It Dude thinks that Radio Shack has made a smart move we hope will pay off. Featured in today’s article are Little Bits.

What Are Little Bits?

Little Bits are engineering packages that show you how to create a project and when paired with some craft tools can create a flash light, overhead lamp, windmills and basically whatever the mind can create. We wish we would have had such awesome toys as kids. If parents are looking to help their children excel in math and science, we think their Christmas 2014 list should start with Little Bits at Radio Shack.


Our Favorite Little Bits

With everything from coding to a smart home, Little Bits kits are making us swoon. We thought this would be the perfect gift for our childhood selves who felt getting up at 9am was more natural. Though we have gotten much better at getting up early, we think this light kit is the pick we would have started with as a gift idea.

Stop in Radio Shack to get Little Bits. Introduce your kids to STEM educational toys that allow you to create whatever the imagination can think. We like this morning light with a timer. Parents should have these on their Christmas 2014 list.
Create an automated morning light kit.

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