Tech: Waka Waka – Charger+Solar Powered Light

Have you ever been at fashion week or in the middle of your finest social media moment when your phone dies? How about hiking, running, biking or traveling and your cellphone or other device can’t keep up with signal switches? Let us introduce you to Waka Waka. Sized to fit into a jeans pocket or purse, this solar-powered phone charger also doubles as a light or vice versa. See this charger – like all of us – comes with a back story.

From fashionistas to social media lovers to hikers, check out the Waka Waka solar powered charging station.


Who is still involved in #HelpForHaiti? Waka Waka is still involved in aiding Haiti and a host of other countries around the world. Currently, Waka Waka is running a kickstarter campaign for their newest product the WakaWaka base:


You can’t fight Ebola in the dark and over 90% of people in Liberia and Sierra Leone don’t have access to electricity. To help the courageous health workers fighting the spread of the virus, Waka Waka sent 10,000 solar lights to West Africa and we want to do more. Waka Waka is a social enterprise that provides lights to people who don’t have access to electricity and have to depend on toxic and dangerous kerosene lamps when the sun goes down.

More broadly, around the world, 16,000 people a day are burned and maimed in fires caused by kerosene accidents. Each year kerosene fires kill more than 300,000 people and the indoor pollution that kerosene contributes to kills more people than AIDS and malaria combined. Waka Waka Power is engineered by a top team at Intivation. They are the creators of the chip which made Waka Waka the most efficient solar lamp in the world today. Their technology is used in over 90% of the solar-powered mobile phones in the world, including well-known brands.

Here is how the WakaWaka works. Technology really has the power to shape futures. Do It Dude loves this product and uses it often when running about our busy days in New Orleans, NYC or on the road.

To help Waka Waka get even more solar light to Liberia and Sierra Leone, Camille van Gestel, CEO of Waka Waka, just announced the following:

For each pledge on the Waka Waka Kickstarter campaign that is live now, the company will give a solar light to Ebola health care workers, first responders, and families in West Africa. The Kickstarter ( reached its goal in less than 6 hours.


Do It Dude loves tech ideas that can help society. #Christmas2014 get a Waka Waka and give to two people.

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You may currently purchase a Waka Waka at Amazon or Apple.

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